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How You can Get Thousands of Hits a Day just by Adding the
Contents of this Page to Your Web Site

STEP ONE: BOOKMARK THIS SITE NOW - This is vital to the success of the program.

By following the following procedure you will be able to slowly but very surely increase traffic to your own website up to more than 20,000 hits per day.

It's EASY and it's FREE.

Literally thousands of websites already participate in programs like this and have watched their traffic increase by thousands and their sales soar.

Put the entire contents on your FFA Links page or classified ad page if you have one. This is usually the page that will have the highest traffic because everyone wants to participate in free advertising.

Do not have any more than five banners displayed on the page. More is not necessarily better.


1. Go to the source code of this page. (Right click on your mouse and then click on view source). This will bring up the HTML code for the page. Copy and save the entire HTML code for the page into the same file as your Web Site.

2. All of the banners below will be copied onto the page. Make sure that the banner code for each banner is unchanged.

3. Remove the banner code in the FIFTH (last) position, move the others down and place yours in FIRST position. If you are using a WISIWYG program just delete the last banner and add a space before the first banner. Then Insert your banner above the rest. Make sure that your banner graphic uses your full URL address so it will be picked up and referenced properly.

4. Remove the top table and insert your own header. This allows your visitors the choice of remaining at your site or visiting one of the other sites advertised by the banners below it.



Or right click on your banner and select image properties. Type in the full internet location in the image source box

4. Be sure to create a link to this page from every other page on your web site. (If the site is really large put the link on your pages that receive the most traffic) You will want to make the link really stand out. Give it importance and a prominent place as this will soon become your best source of Internet traffic.

Following is an example of How you might do this:

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That is all there is to it.

How Does It Work?

As webmasters visit your site they copy this procedure adding their banner above yours. Your banner is now displayed on their web site on a high traffic page. (This also looks good to search engines as more and more sites are linked to yours) Your banner is there permanently.

Webmasters who visit their sites will do the same.

By the time your banner rotates to 5th position you will be on a guaranteed minimum of 20,000 sites in a couple of months!

How is this possible? It's simple math. Let's assume that you receive 10 visitors that copy this page. (That's 10 new sites displaying your banner in position 2). Each of the 10 sites get 10 visitors that copy the page now rotating your banner into third position (That's 100 sites). And so on until in 5th position you have reached 10x10x10x10x=10,000. Actually the figures are much higher. You know how many hits your FFA or other high traffic pages receive. If the contents of this page would be copied by only 15 webmasters joining the program the ending results would be 15x15x15x15 or 50,625 sites displaying YOUR Banner. It's that simple.

These Banner displays are PERMANENT! They will continue to produce traffic for your site forever!

It's Free, It's Quick, It's Easy and it Produces Amazing Results!!

The following are the rotating banners. Copy and paste them exactly into your links page. Then remove the fifth (last), move the others down and place yours first.

Rotating Banners:

Alibris - default banner



Free shipping (McIlhenny Company)


One More thing Make sure the link above this line (Home) references your home page.