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Ever loose a fish or lure because of your knot tying abilities? Have someone else tie your line for you because you didn't know how? Welp, that's what this page is for.........! Below are references to knots that I have researched and posted for your information.

 Get one of these and put it in your tackle box or send one to a friend or relative that you think needs the help. Would make a great gift.

 Water-Proof , Pocket-sized, Guide book - Organized by knot function, not by knot name. This is a great book to stick in your tackle box. Knots included cover nearly every situation your meet from fresh to saltwater angling. Click here to order

 A 48 page paperback with a variety of different fishing Knots. No evaluation of this book was available so you will have to be the judge. Click here to order

 Practical Fishing Knots - previewed as one of the best sources for fishing knots, and knot tying that you can find. Organized so that you can quickly find several knot options for the task in mind, clear text that explains strengths and weaknesses of each knot and its use. Excellent diagrams that, with a little practice make the knot yours. This book not only belongs on your book shelf, it needs to be in your tackle box. Click here to order


Fishing knots, and keeping line connected to a hook are an important of fishing in itself. Any fishing knot will create weakness in a line, but a correctly tied fishing knot will maintain far more line strength. Mastering a few know takes patience and practice, but in the long run will serve you forever. Some knots may seem  challenging a but with a simple guide you can tie fishing knots like a Pro. Get a good Knot Guide and add it to your to your tackle box - it's easy to forget that new knot technique when you are on the boat or out fishing.


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