Practical Fishing Knots

Knots for Fishing II

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Try some of these Knots to keep that fish from getting away.  Below are references to  some knots that  have been proven / tested over time and posted for your information.

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 Get one and put it in your tackle box or send one to a friend or relative that you think needs the help. Would make a great gift or even a joke to someone that lost that big one..


The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots Crystal-clear, step-by-step line drawings guide the fisherman through the 24 most useful knots used in all forms of fishing. Loops, line splices, snells, leader attachments, and many more are included, plus the latest in the increasingly popular knot-tying tools and line connectors. 100+ line drawings.



Knots: A Step-By-Step Guide to Tying Loops, Hitches, Bends, and Dozens of Other Useful Knots Clear color illustrations, 150 in all, by Robert Frawley offer step-by-step instructions for tying stopper knots, running knots, chain knots, fishing knots, loops, bends, bindings, lashings, hitches, more. Includes tips on relative strengths and advantages of different ropes. 9" x 12".




Knots and splices: A pocket manual

Knots and Splices' compact format, level of detail, wide coverage, and excellent illustrations make it just as useful now as when it was first printed nearly 40 years ago. Cyrus Day covers all the essentials and not a few bits of esoterica: bends, loops, hitches, belaying, whipping, seizing, stoppers, monkey's paws, Turk's heads, and splicing-both fiber and wire rope. Now reintroduced under the International Marine imprint, Knots and Splices should remain the standard reference it has long been for the next 40 years.



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