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Choosing the right Baby Car Seat

Your babies car seat may be one of the most important purchasing decisions you make in your child's life.  Here is important information for you to take into consideration when purchasing the right car seat for you and your baby.


Age Limitations
Not every infant or child can be accommodated in the same child car seat. Age, weight and size limitations must be followed for the maximum safety and comfort of the child. Some car seats may be used both as rear facing infant seats and as forward facing toddler seats. Other models can be used as booster seats as your child continues to grow. You should know whether you want to purchase an infant car seat, or a seat that will accommodate your child as he or she continues to grow.
Baby Car Seat Types

The three main child car seats for use in automobiles 

Infant Car Seats... Are designed for newborn babies up to one year or weighing up to 20 pounds. Many of these baby car seats are convertible and can be used for older children as well.

Car Seats... This seat is designed for children one year and older, who weigh over 20 to 40 pounds. Again, if specified, some of these seats can be used as booster seat as your child grows.

Booster Seats... Can be used for children who have outgrown their car seats, but are not quite big enough for a vehicle seatbelt to fit them properly. A child's booster seat is used with a vehicles shoulder and lap belts.

Multiple Uses
Many baby car seat manufacturers offer car seats that can be used with children as they grow. There are specifications for each seat and its uses. Manufacturer guidelines should always be followed. Many  seats recline for additional child comfort and others may be used as bassinets or carriers for your baby outside of your car.


We hope that this information will help you make the right choice wherever you decide to purchase your babies car seat and if we can be of any further assistance please visit us for all of your baby's needs at...