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Fossil was founded in 1984 at a time when watches were created for function rather than fashion. The company sought to fill this void in the market and began designing watches to act as a fashion accessory. Fossil incorporated a fifties Americana design into the brand image in an attempt to target value driven consumers. The concept paid off and Fossil quickly emerged as the leader of a growing industry. Today Fossil produces over three hundred different styles of watches in a line which continually changes. Fossil's renowned designers constantly study emerging fashion trends to bring consumers the most unique and innovative products. After augmenting the watch selection choice for consumers, Fossil expanded its selection to other fashionable accessory items. Fossil introduced small leather goods in 1992 for men and women. Wallets, belts, key chains and backpacks helped Fossil establish its expertise in leather goods. In 1995, Fossil moved into the eyewear market introducing uniquely designed sunglasses creatively capturing the Fossil image. This move represented just one more step in Fossil's effort to strengthen the accessory market with innovative style and quality aiding the company in its continued growth.

A genuine diamond accents this watch constructed from 100% stainless steel. Water resistant. Includes an 11 year warranty and arrives in a collectable tin. - Click Here - Click Here

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