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  PlayStation 2 has all the necessary power to radically change how you use your TV. One of the most popular game systems on the planet, the Sony PlayStation has evolved and emerged as a compact all-in-one home entertainment system. At just over 4 lbs., this little dynamo packs an amazing 300 MHz-driven, 128-bit Emotion Engine-generated wallop. Its "Dual Shock 2" Analog Controller is an upgrade on the PlayStation original and features sticks and buttons where the harder you press dictates how the PS2 responds. And in addition to the plethora of new games designed to utilize PlayStation 2's incredible hardware, it can play games from the original PlayStation's library, audio compact discs, and DVD movies. With PlayStation 2's DVD-quality audio and video output and a port for an optional hard drive and modem, Sony has brought home video gaming to an all-new level.

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